How we started.  Barry Scheck, Peter Neufeld, and the late Johnnie Cochran, Jr. formed Cochran Neufeld & Scheck, LLP, in 1998 to leverage their vast collective trial experience in service of social justice. Together, they pioneered key civil rights legal theories and strategies. Today the firm, now Neufeld Scheck & Brustin, LLP, has one of the most renowned civil rights practices in the country.  In addition, the firm accepts complex civil cases on behalf of individuals and groups of plaintiffs against municipal and private defendants.

A small firm that litigates like a big firm. We know our clients often have only one chance to hold the people who harmed them accountable. That’s why we litigate the way we do. Unlike most small firms, we accept only a few cases at a time and staff each with a team of lawyers. We chose this model to give each of our cases attention and resources on par with a firm multiple times our size. We hold our work to exacting standards at every stage, from crafting a complaint to arguing to a jury. Put simply, we put more time and resources into every one of our cases than any small firm we know.

Our track record proves our model works. By litigating the way we do, we have obtained spectacular settlements and verdicts against powerful defendants in some of the more complex and difficult cases to prove. We are equally proud of our work collaborating creatively with our clients to fix systemic problems and reduce the risk of future similar injustices, such as having a crime lab that produced bad forensic science agree to an independent audit, or a police department that coerced a false confession agree to videotape interrogations.

We like collaborating. We have cooperated with other lawyers and law firms around the country, and we like combining our trial experience and knowledge of civil rights law with your skills. Although we often team up with other firms from a case’s beginnings, we also will work with you to try your case, to take an important deposition, or to handle an appeal. 


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